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Anaesthetists determine their fees based on the Relative Value Guide. This bases fees on the nature, complexity and duration of the anaesthesia service.

Medicare and private health funds can rebate some or all of this fee.

If the anaesthetist’s fee is not fully covered by Medicare or your health fund, then there is an ‘insurance shortfall’ or ‘out of pocket’ amount, which you will need to cover.

You have the right to ask your anaesthetist about fees and request an estimate.

You have the right to ask your health fund whether you will be covered.

Rebates explained

The size of the insurance shortfall or the amount you will be requested to pay varies greatly on your health fund.

For further information, please read here.

Managed Care

We have all heard horror stories about the failures of the American healthcare system.

If you are lucky enough to have health insurance cover in the USA, then your insurer determines which doctor will treat you, where you will be treated and what range of treatments are available to you.

Central to the great healthcare standards we enjoy in Australia is our freedom to choose our own doctor and that doctor’s freedom to choose the best treatment for their patients, unhindered by commercial pressures.

The private health insurance industry wants to control the amount of money they pay out on members’ treatment. They want to introduce Managed Care in Australia so they can control what you will cost them.

Act now to prevent this happening. Read more>

Further Questions?

It may be helpful to write them down for discussion with your anaesthetist.

For more information on doctors’ fees and private health insurance, telephone the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman Hotline 1300 362 072, email them at phio.info@ombudsman.gov.au, or visit their website.