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The ASA offers Trainee membership to those medical practitioners who are registered as trainees with the Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA).

The ASA’s mission is to provide an independent platform and voice for trainees to ensure that new graduates not only find meaningful work, but are also treated fairly and appropriately as they make their way into the workforce.

Joining the ASA as a Trainee offers a great scope of benefits ranging from representation to education.

  • The Trainee membership category not only offers a trainee outlet but ensures that your voice is heard and fed back at a higher level.  We recognise that many trainees may find themselves overloaded or struggling with the new curriculum. We recognise that and work hard to look after our members. The ASA provides trainee representation in a way that the college cannot.
  • We host events specifically aimed at meeting the needs of trainees such as providing Part 0 courses to prepare trainees for the anaesthetic training program and Part 3 courses to prepare advanced trainees for life as a consultant.
  • We provide exam and education support and scholarship opportunities each year.
  • We also recognise that help shouldn’t stop as soon as you have entered training and so we ensure that assistance and advice can be found in determining future career options when embarking on your professional life. Even more importantly, we aim to encourage and develop future leadership potential in our members and do this through the constant call for opinions and advice from trainees, established anaesthetists and major representative bodies.

When you join as a Trainee member you become part of a community which aims at promoting, sharing and communicating information with each other. You will receive regular updates on developments in anaesthesia and medicine in general as well as offering the chance to develop and contribute to a representative network of established anaesthetists and trainees.

CIG International Scholarships

The ASA has developed close relationships with other international anaesthetic associations under the banner of the Common Interest Group (CIG). This includes a broad scope to the advancement of anaesthesia, patient safety, workforce issues, training and development. As part of this, the ASA understands the value of trainees attending these conferences – learning and sharing experiences and common issues. The ASA offers three scholarships each year valued at $4,000 to assist trainees with travel and accommodation costs to attend one of these international meetings.

  • Canadian Anesthesiologists Society Annual Meeting (CAS)
  • Association of Anaesthetists (Formerly known as Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland) Annual Scientific Meeting
  • American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting (ASA)

Applications for CIG International Scholarships are open for ASA trainee members only.

Download CIG Scholarship Application Form 2023
Download CIG Scholarship Guidelines 2023
Download Trainee Scholarships Flyer 2023

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