Trainee membership benefits

When you join as a Trainee member, you become part of a community which aims at promoting, sharing and communicating information with each other. As a Trainee member you will receive regular updates on developments in anaesthesia and medicine in general as well as offering the chance to develop and contribute to a representative network of established anaesthetists and trainees.

Trainee membership benefits

We host events specifically aimed at meeting the needs of trainees such as providing Part 3 courses to prepare advanced trainees for life as a consultant. We provide exam and education support and scholarship opportunities each year.

We also recognise that help shouldn’t stop as soon as you have entered training and so we ensure that assistance and advice can be found in determining future career options when embarking on your professional life. Even more importantly, we aim to encourage and develop future leadership potential in our members and do this through the constant call for opinions and advice from trainees, established anaesthetists and major representative bodies.



  • Awards, prizes and research grants that support scientific endeavours and highlight excellence in the field
  • International CIG scholarships for trainees every year
  • Earn CPD points by completing interactive anaesthetic modules online, where you can take quizzes and test your knowledge

Members’ testimonials

Why not learn more about ASA services and benefits directly from our members. Please view our ASA members testimonials below:

  • Dr Richard Seglenieks – Short and Full Testimonial
  • Dr Vida Viliunas – ASA Education Office – Watch the video


  • Six issues per year of the Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Journal, targeted to those working in anaesthesia, intensive care medicine and pain medicine
  • The quarterly member magazine Australian Anaesthetist, which provides valuable reports and information on the specialty and activities of the Society
  • The Relative Value Guide, which provides comprehensive and accurate advice on billing and helps decipher the Medicare and private insurance rebate systems
  • A copy of the Anaesthetic Crisis Manual (Advanced trainees only)
  • ASA Trainees  or Non Members can download the ASA Trainee Members Handbook.

Connecting with other anaesthetists and trainees

  • Access to the ASA Forum where you can ask questions, raise new topics and have your say on important topics
  • International representation for the profession



  • The ASA President’s monthly email newsletter
  • TMG quarterly enews



  • The ACE Pregnancy and Anaesthetist Document aims to address some of the issues that may impact pregnant anaesthetists, and makes recommendations to improve upon already existing supports, aiming to reduce the risk of work-related maternal and foetal adverse outcomes. Visit the ACE Wellbeing SIG page.

To apply for membership please select online or download the application form.

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